Simulating Orchestra Mic Positions With Reverb

Previously In Session Notes. The challenge of building a big ensemble string sound on a budget is something many project-studio engineers come up against, so it’s no surprise that it’s appeared in our Session Notes column before — back in SOS April 2014, to be specific.

Balkan Ethnic Orchestra is a unique collection, featuring a wide range of Eastern European soloists. Each instrument was recorded with multiple mic positions, different short and long articulations, e.

What sets the Symphonic Orchestra library apart from the competition, aside from its 24-bit resolution, is that every sample is offered from three stereo microphone perspectives: close-up mics for detail and clarity with minimal reverb, a full mix from a cluster of stage mics, and a set of mics high at the back of the auditorium. That last.

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It’s a bit different but a 360° microphone array is as. against a wall which causes too much reverb. Most of the high frequency that is not being projected at you is useless. 360° speakers can alre.

Review: Sonuscore’s The Orchestra from Best Service. Jay Asher on Aug 12, 2017 in Review 0. where you might really want more than three octaves and one mic position, which has a rather in your face sound. Also, dynamics are controlled by the mod wheel and seemingly cannot be reassigned or mapped to a controller. adjust their volume and.

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You can always make it work if it comes to you in another fashion, but usually the way you make it work is by simulating the other. and there isn’t even reverb or compression on those drums — ther.

The extra mic positions are very useful for 5.1, but especially to get a more intimate sound. The stage mic position that you’re stuck with in Silver and Gold is very huge and works good in many cases but you’ll eventually want to be able to mic some sounds closer.

Sondius makes physical modeling of an instrument possible by building a special mathematical model of the actual instrument, rather than simply simulating the sound that. change the hardness and st.

11:50: Rihanna demands that the microphone be raised to her level. She is wearing a massive silver-white dress and is backed by a small orchestra and full horn section. 11:30 On the backstage cam,

Convolution reverb. What it does. Example: You’re writing a piano concerto, and you want to hear what your piece would sound like in a full concert hall, so you add reverb, selecting the Medium Piano Concert Hall reverb preset.Because the orchestra is playing to a full house, you turn the Send Level knob down a touch, simulating the acoustic response of the hall being slightly damped by the.

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Apr 17, 2017  · Of ourse you can just take the single mic positions, bounce them in place / make audio tracks and do the same with all the ic positions separately. That way the needed resources will be the very same as if you would use gold – its just a little bit annoying but.

The strings feel bright and close, but by using the onboard effects, it’s very easy to melt the timbre with some use of either reverb or delay, or explore the three recorded mic positions. We said: “It offers plenty, for a sensible price.

More than 13,000 individual impulse responses were captured using up to four dedicated Ambisonics multichannel microphone arrays. The impulses have been directed from up to 50 positions into. with.

Sep 10, 2014  · Been working on reverb for my drums, which are all sample based/close mic sounds. I’m looking for some solutions/tips to simulate drum room mics. I’ve been messing around with Valhalla Room Reverb and Altiverb and getting some good results, but would like to refine my approach.

Above him the microphone swiveled like a floating, inquisitive animal. The happy talk show theme plumed up from a small band off to the side (three pieces or four that Letterman billed as the David Le.

Indebted to The Weeknd’s original sonic ideas, as well as the more austere work of Clams Casino and Metro Boomin, with its reverb-drenched piano, haunting synth washes, ticking percussion and heavy lo.

Source positions and microphone array locations for surround sound impulse response measurements in the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall. Microphone Array A circular array of 5 near-coincident hypercardioid microphones (Schoeps CMC 6-U) was used for recording the acoustic response in.

This is the theme of the Reverb festival, currently at the Roundhouse in London. Each one, spaced a metre apart from the next, has its own microphone attached. The LED brightness increases with pro.

Full-orchestra VST recommendation? (self.WeAreTheMusicMakers) submitted 4 years ago * by alkonis. I really like all if the "close mic" positions on the strings as the stage strings sometimes have too much reverb or room sound as they were recorded. You can add more reverb through "play" but I often find myself wanting less reverb than is.

H-D engineers continue to fine-tune the V-Twin’s tones in its Product Development Center. zero reverb to carry the voice. Elaborate sound tests are conducted there via stationary bike dyno, with a.

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MakeMusic, Inc. and Abbey Road Studios announced today new pricing on. Computer Music “…with so much control over mic placement, stunningly natural reverb, and the authentic repr.

I think this is a lame definition. Reverb is a sound that echoes, but the echoes that create reverberation are extremely complex – from the onset of the initial reflection to the last heard decay is a multitude of echoes that have variations in time, repetition and frequency response.

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Sondius makes physical modeling of an instrument possible by building a special mathematical model of the actual instrument, rather than simply simulating the sound that. change the hardness and st.

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Sound Magic has released Orchestral Strings One – a free virtual instrument for Mac & Windows. Here’s what they have to say about Orchestral Strings One: Orchestral Strings One features the sound of t.

Kong Audio – Chinee Orchestra FE (full edition) – the first and only instrument of the Chinese orchestra. Like its MB counterparts, the Master Brass tubas also come with a staggering seven mic positions for absolute sonic control and sculpt-ability. simulating the sound of a traditional sitar, using a special bridge and resonant strings.

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When recording an orchestra. mic close to the audience and using a more open polar pattern will pick up more reverb than audience. Obviously try to also mic in stereo pairs as a mono audience won’t.

Each instrument was recorded from 3 microphone positions: close, stage (Conductor’s position), and hall. These positions can be mixed to achieve the realistic sound you’re after without the need for additional reverb.

CakeTalking FAQ. Many of the answers to the frequently asked questions about SONAR and CakeTalking which appear below were originally responses sent to our DDots-l user listserv either written by a member of Dancing Dots or sometimes written by expert customers.

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PLAY 4 also includes new time-stretch software optimized for loops (with sync to sequencer); offers a new mixer page (with sub-channels for mic positions), background. EASTWEST Expanded Convolution.

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On screen mic position mixing (Platinum and Platinum Plus only) Switchable 24-bit/16-bit depth (Platinum Plus only) State of the art Convolution Reverb with pre-delay and additional Master control to route reverb to all instruments in an instance

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Jan 17, 2018  · mic placement for recording an orchestra. Discussion in ‘Orchestra’ started by. and with a rag bag of sections, a normally brilliant central mic position may emphasise the wrong things. perhaps to 4 channels, and then you can eq and balance in the studio, perhaps adding artificial reverb. This is wrong from a professional viewpoint, but.

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